We're passionate about customer success.

Kyle Leavitt

President & CEO

Small business maverick, product strategist, entrepreneur, marketing expert, software executive.

Highlights: Co-founded and sold CustomerHub, key leader at Infusionsoft from $1M to $100M+ in annual recurring revenues.

Nathan Leavitt

Chief Technology Officer

Entrepreneur, full-stack software engineer, tech enthusiast, continuous deployment expert, board game geek.

Highlights: Co-founded and sold CustomerHub, key engineer of Infusionsoft and several other successful software products.

LoyalStream was selected as a 2018 Venture Madness finalist in the SaaS Launch category.

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Our loyalty creed

Customer loyalty is the key to subscription growth in the modern economy.

Customer loyalty drives retention, revenue expansion, and customer advocacy.

Your customer data holds the secrets to proactively managing customer loyalty.