We're changing the loyalty game.
The founders

Kyle is a small business expert, product strategist,  entrepreneur, and former software executive. As VP of Product at Infusionsoft, Kyle helped grow the company to over $100M annual revenues. He also co-founded CustomerHub and later sold the business in 2011. Kyle has created multiple successful service and software businesses and is now dedicated to helping small businesses grow through new and revolutionary customer loyalty strategies.

Kyle Leavitt

President & Co-founder

Nathan is an entrepreneur, technologist, and full-stack software engineer that brings a rare breed of business savvy to his craft. He has founded successful startups and has built or contributed to several commercial software products including Infusionsoft, CustomerHub, ServiceHub, and others. Nathan leads all product development efforts at LoyalStream and prides himself on creating stable, high-performance, and forward-thinking software products. 

Nathan Leavitt

CTO & Co-founder

Our loyalty creed

Loyalty programs should be effortless for the customer.

Loyalty programs should measure actual customer loyalty.

Loyalty programs should enable you to incentivize any action you want.

An effective loyalty program drives retention and revenue.