Attack customer churn before it attacks you.

Proactively manage customer retention with LoyalStream.
Recurring revenue reports

Get all of the reports you need to understand and grow your recurring revenue business including subscription growth, customer health, customer churn, and more right out of the box.

Customer health scores

Get a health score for every customer based on purchase behavior, engagement, and sentiment. Know which customers are healthy or at risk and get proactive with customer retention.

360˚ customer record

See customer health history in a single view including health scores, key health factors, health trend, and an aggregated note history from your CRM, support, billing system, and more.

Product engagement tracking

Track customer utilization of your software application or membership site. Strategically manage the most important component of customer health.

Seamless Infusionsoft integration

Sync key health segments with your Infusionsoft application in order to automatically trigger marketing campaigns, proactively engage customers and systematically increase loyalty.