Intelligent Loyalty Programs for Online Small Businesses

Increase retention and grow sales by automatically identifying, tracking, and rewarding loyal customers.

Get a loyalty rating for every customer

LoyalStream analyzes hundreds of data points across your CRM, social media, review sites, and more to calculate loyalty scores for every customer and creates loyal, neutral, and vulnerable segments.

Connects to the systems used by small businesses

Three Loyalty Strategies to Increase Growth in 30 Days or Less

Helping small businesses grow

LoyalStream identified our loyal customers in minutes and allows us to do targeted loyalty campaigns to significantly increase retention.

Measuring and improving customer loyalty is the key to growth

Loyal customers promote you

92% of customers say they trust word of mouth recommendations above all other forms of advertising.  [Nielson]

Loyal customers stay with you

80% percent of your future revenue will come from 20% percent of your existing customers.  [Gartners]

Loyal customers cost less

It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.  [Forrester]

Loyal customers buy more

Loyal customers deliver a 23% premium over the average customer in wallet share, profitability, and revenue (Cap Gemini)

Track changes to customer loyalty

Track real-time and ongoing changes to your loyal, neutral, and vulnerable customer segments so you're empowered to grow your business the right way.

Know what customers are doing

Know when customers post on social media, submit reviews, make repeat purchases, miss payments, or engage in a variety of other ways that impact loyalty.

Keep your loyal, neutral, and vulnerable customer segments synced with Infusionsoft, Stripe, and many other systems you use to run your business.

Sync your loyalty data with other systems